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Novo Cinemas

Pioneers of Change

Novo Cinemas 1
Roger Abi Haidar, CEO of Novo Cinemas

Home to the most innovative entertainment experiences in the Middle East, Novo Cinemas has offered every visitor a new era of excellence since its launch in 2014. Here, we spend some time with Roger Abi Haidar, CEO of Novo Cinemas to learn about how they have pushed the boundaries of the silver screen experience and how they will continue to strive for the “new” in the years to come.

Novo, meaning “new” in Latin, aptly reflects their commitment to revolutionising the cinematic experience in the region. From the outset, their goal was to shake up the movie-going landscape, introducing a new era of excellence and innovation.

They began building their legacy by introducing the region to such evolutionary technologies as the largest IMAX with Laser in the MENA region, online booking, e-kiosks and the first cinema-dedicated mobile app.

“Over the last decade, we have been dedicated to redefining entertainment by introducing groundbreaking technologies and our mission is not just to screen movies, but to provide an immersive, unforgettable journey that captivates audiences and establishes us as pioneers in the industry,” explains Roger Abi Haidar, CEO of Novo Cinemas.

Novo Cinemas 2
Place Vendome Mall, Lusail, Qatar

Today the business operates 153 screens across 15 locations in Oman, Qatar and the UAE and they are strategically positioned in key urban centres to serve diverse communities across the region.

One of their most recent openings was at Place Vendôme Mall. Situated within this architectural masterpiece, guests can expect nothing less than an extravagant entertainment experience. The design of Novo Place Vendôme has been meticulously crafted to complement the Parisian architecture of the mall, infused with Qatari-style home interiors for a unique and inviting ambiance.

Scheduled additions to this site include the integration of MX4D technology, renowned for its immersive effects such as motion seats, wind, fog and scents synchronised with the on-screen action. This underscores their commitment to providing cutting-edge cinema technologies and exceptional customer experiences.

Novo Cinemas 3

“We have several new locations set to open in the coming months, with additional openings planned throughout 2025. These expansions will not only strengthen Novo’s presence but also ensure our audience can conveniently access Novo Cinemas across different zones. As an anchor tenant, we have sparked interest from mall managements, affirming our position as a pivotal attraction in the entertainment landscape,” Abi Haidar highlights.

The company is also exploring new markets through a franchise model while also expanding their offerings within their existing locations. This includes introducing diverse content and popular sports events such as football matches to attract broader audiences. They are also enhancing their services with private, corporate and entertainment events to cater to varied preferences and occasions, ensuring the company maintains its position as a versatile entertainment destination.

Novo Cinemas 4
The Pearl Island, Qatar

At Novo Cinemas, they prioritise brand experience through personalised service, the Novo Premiere Club loyalty program and innovative marketing initiatives. The Novo Premiere Club rewards our loyal customers on all purchases, significantly influencing repeat visits and fostering positive brand associations. Through curated memorable experiences and active community engagement, they consistently exceed expectations, encouraging their customers to choose Novo Cinemas for their entertainment needs time and again.

In an era dominated by social media, Novo Cinemas has fully embraced its transformative power within its marketing strategies. Their social media platforms enable them to reach the right audience, engage directly with customers and build loyal communities. They leverage these platforms for real-time feedback, targeted advertising and personalised content, thereby enhancing brand awareness, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“We are embarking on a transformative digital journey aimed at enhancing the customer experience through innovative technologies which includes leveraging advanced digital platforms to streamline operations, improve service delivery and personalise interaction with our audience by integrating cutting-edge digital solutions across our operations. We are actively exploring innovative ways to engage our audience online,” explains Abi Haidar.

Novo Cinemas 5
Place Vendome Mall, Lusail -Qatar

When we ask the CEO what he feels is the brand’s key driver for success in the last ten years, he highlights that their success has been driven by a strong emphasis on data-driven insights and prioritising the customer above all else. He continues by saying that by leveraging data analytics, they continuously refine their offerings to meet customer preferences and enhance satisfaction.

As they look to the future, the business is enthusiastic about expanding their events capabilities, providing more opportunities for customers to host functions and special occasions at Novo theatres. They remain committed to enhancing the guest experience with memorable events and personalised service, solidifying Novo Cinemas as a top destination for entertainment and events alike.

Novo Cinemas 6
Tawar Mall, Doha , Qatar

Furthermore, they consistently introduce new updates, such as the recently launched Majlis four-course menu, offering guests an extravagant fine-dining experience while enjoying a movie. “The Majlis experience exemplifies one of the unique differences between Novo and our competitors. The introduction of the new menu enhances this distinctive offering even further,” highlights Abi Haidar.

Finally we ask the CEO is there is anything he would like to add as our time runs out?
“We are dedicated to creating unforgettable entertainment experiences and building an energetic community. Moving forward, Novo Cinemas is committed to continued growth, innovation and maintaining our leadership in the entertainment industry. Our greatest challenge lies in navigating rapid technological advancements and evolving consumer preferences, which demand that we stay ahead of the curve to meet and exceed customer expectations,” Abi Haidar concludes.