The shopping centre project which is being developed by the Compañía de Phalsbourg is now set to open in September.

The newly rebranded Oasiz Madrid has an area of more than 90,000sq m, 117 premises and 4,000 parking spaces. The centre offers a diverse range of experiences, intending to provide something for each of their customers, one of which is a ‘day at the beach’ which will consists of a 6,081sq m beach club, 30 restaurants on the shore of an 8,000sq m lake complete with waterfalls, palm trees and boats, and a second 2,000sq m lake.

The centre will also house a gastronomic market, 11 cinemas, sports and leisure activities including go-karts, bowling, virtual reality and karaoke, as well as 1,000sq m of children’s space and 2,000sq m of co-working space.

Sustainability remains at the heart of the project and architect Gianni Ranaulo has used an 18,000sq m white roof made of Krion k-life, a technologically advanced material that allows purified air to enter the centre through a photocatalytic function.