Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Outform Launches Digital Mannequin

Future retail agency Outform has unveiled what it says is a first-of-its-kind interactive digital mannequin, “giving fashion retailers the chance to elevate the in-store shopping experience for the modern shopper”.

The VM platform “gives the shopper power to control which products they see and how they’re represented in-store through their smartphones”.

Shoppers who scan a QR code on the digital mannequin display can control what content is displayed, choosing which products they see from different perspectives, and which model wears them. 

They can also take the process through to purchasing on a microsite via a smartphone.

The company said that the benefit for the shopper is a more personalised experience with the choice of models representing different ethnicities and body types.

For the retailer, there’s also the opportunity to capture in-store data, such as content preferences and the number of sessions, to better understand audience behaviours.

Outform’s founder and president Ariel Haroush said the firm’s global study into the behaviour of fashion shoppers in-store found that 64% are already using their phones in-store and 63% now want more interactive digital experiences.