Seminal skate brand Palace has joined with Italian luxury house Moschino for the capsule collection Palace Moschino.

Palace Moschino seamlessly blends Moschino’s fashion ideals with Palace’s iconic streetwear aesthetic to create a limited collection of ready-to-wear accessories and skate hardware.

Collection highlights reflect both brands unique sense of humour and feature luxe printed puffers and shearling jackets, witty knits and shirting mixed with casual hoodies, t-shirts and monogrammed denim, and accessories including caps, skateboards and a leather milk carton bag.

“Moschino is one of our favourite brands of all time: chic, sexy, innovative and properly funny. Working with them has been a full-blown dream scenario for us and we are still buzzing on it,” said a Palace spokesperson.

The collection will be available tomorrow at Moschino Ocean Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong from 10:30am HKT.