Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Phillips 66 Deploys Cleaning Bots

Retailer Phillips 66 is offering self-directed robotic floor scrubbers to its network of more than 7,000 stores.

Phillips 66 is partnering with floor cleaning equipment and technology company Ice Cobotics to enable branded Phillips 66, Conoco, 76, and Phillips 66 Aviation locations to utilize Ice Cobotics Cobi 18 autonomous floor scrubbers. Cobi 18 robots are designed to clean 5,000 to 7,000 square feet of floorspace per hour and can be deployed multiple times per day to clean floors.

By leveraging autonomous robotic scrubbing technology, Phillips 66 hopes to shift the responsibility for repetitive work away from staff, allowing its store associates to focus their attention in other customer-facing areas. These tasks include stocking coolers and shelves, keeping fresh food and drink areas clean, and providing better customer service, all with the ultimate goal of increasing productivity.

“We are excited to step into the future with Ice Cobotics by enabling our customers to lower operating costs and provide consumers with a cleaner experience with Cobi 18,” said Phillips 66 manager of branded sales Lou Burke.