The internationally renowned Poke House chain, which has amassed fans across Europe including Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, has finally landed in London’s Notting Hill, allowing Brits to experience its notorious Californian soul and Hawaiian taste. 

Purposely placed on the vibrant Portobello Road, this newest edition is the latest in a fast growing total of 55 stores across Europe, where guests are transported to California for an endless Summer courtesy of a multisensory experience – filled with Cali-House music, exotic pastel décor, San Diego art, cacti, LA street art neon lights and importantly fresh, healthy, vibrant food.

It’s not just the look and feel that make Poke House stand out from the crowd; it’s the taste, which has captured hearts and taste buds across Europe. Dressings are created in-house from a closely guarded secret recipe and every bowl is made with the freshest ingredients, sourcing all fruit and veg from local suppliers.

The ever-evolving menu includes a core range of House Specials selected by public demand. These are comprised of Sunny Salmon and Spicy Tuna, not to mention the specials that are created especially for each local market with every bowl made to order. Poke House adapts its menu to each city’s needs and tastes, with a new limited-edition recipe blended into the menu each season. Poke House offers an all-day menu for the early risers wanting to kick start the day with good vibes.