Ralph Lauren’s casual wear brand Polo Ralph Lauren has opened its first exclusive brand outlet in Mumbai. Located on the first floor of the city’s Phoenix Palladium Mall, the new store retails both the brand’s men’s and women’s collections.

The store opened its doors as the fourth Polo Ralph Lauren store in India, the brand announced in a press release. Other Polo Ralph Lauren stores are located in The Chanakya Mall, Emporio Mall, and Ambience Mall, all in New Delhi.

“The store design fuses elements of collegiate sports mixed with the great outdoors,” the brand announced in a press release. “Rustic oak flooring and planked wood wall panelling are paired with antique and vintage-inspired display cases and tables, as well as an eclectic mix of artwork and decorative props. The store aesthetic reflects the same sensibility as the Polo Ralph Lauren brand itself – one that is both classic and casual with a modern, energetic spirit.”

Polo Ralph Lauren is run by US business Ralph Lauren Corporation which also runs the labels Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Collection, Ralph Lauren Purple, Double RL, and Lauren Ralph Lauren among others. The business has operated for over half a century and also retails in the home, fragrances, and hospitality sectors.