SPREE Interactive has launched the first battery-powered VR bumper car attraction at La Grande Mela in Verona, Italy.

The new attraction adds entertainment to the shopping experience and transports visitors into a virtual world on their space bumper cars. Meanwhile, it means that To Get srl, Italian specialist marketing agency, can boost footfall in the highly competitive market.

Filippo Tracquilio, Owner of To Get srl, said: “We are always looking for new creative solutions to draw in customers at our client locations. We chose SPREE & Eurogames as they provide an immersive VR entertainment solution that creates a unique interactive experience between players.”

Paul Collimore, Commercial Director at SPREE Interactive, added: “The demand for virtual spaces is continuing to grow rapidly as consumers globally are seeking new entertaining VR experiences. Battery powered VR Bumper Cars transports physical bumper cars into the virtual world, creating opportunities for venues to transform their spaces into a 360-degree immersive experience.”