Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Psycho Bunny to Open New Storefront

Men’s apparel brand Psycho Bunny is set to open a new permanent monobrand store at the Topanga Mall in Canoga Park, California, later this month.

Spanning 1,499sq ft, the store is characterised by established brand elements. Notably, a neon bunny sign serves as a focal point, alongside a large-scale LED video wall, highlighting the brand’s ethos and providing a backdrop for social media enthusiasts.

“Psycho Bunny could not be more thrilled to be opening our new store in the Topanga Mall,” said Kenny Minzberg, Chief development officer of Psycho Bunny. “We are excited to introduce our energetic brand to the millions of annual visitors who come to this vibrant retail hub.”

Since its inception in 2005 in New York and subsequent re-founding in Montreal in 2016, Psycho Bunny has been on a mission to become a global brand, spreading its unique and optimistic outlook to all like-minded people around the world. Initially recognised for its polo shirts, the brand has since expanded its collection to multiple lifestyle categories for both children and adults.

The new store marks a significant milestone for the brand, and builds upon ongoing brick-and-mortar expansion plans initiated in 2019. It currently operates over 130 stores globally.