Guests can now immerse themselves into a nostalgic world of decadence, glamour, power and inimitable magnificence at Queen Miami Beach, South Florida’s newest luxury dining experience on 5th street corridor of Miami Beach.

Celebrating the city’s history, Queen Restaurant & Lounge breathes new life into the iconic Paris Theater, built in 1945 by famed Art Deco architect Henry Hohauser, restoring the property to its original intended glory with over-the-top 21st-century splendour. Recognisable by album covers and music videos of Madonna, U2, J. Lo, Christina Aguilera and Ricky Martin, the nostalgic design emulates opulence and allure, honouring the glam of the past while envisioning the mystique of the future. From the Rat Pack era of the 1950s to the hedonistic nights of the 1990s, the Paris Theater has evolved with the times and is reborn for a new generation with the creation of Queen Miami Beach.

“Being in the Miami market for over 15 years and witnessing the city’s rapid growth, I saw an opportunity with the historic Paris Theatre to create an uber-luxurious, selective, one-of-a-kind fine dining destination. Miami has recently experienced an influx of some of the most influential people in the country, so we decided to go after this demographic, a more sophisticated, educated, elevated, and more mature type of clientele. Our goal will be to create the most beautiful, interesting, diverse and fun mix of people possible, on any given night,” says Mathieu Massa, entrepreneur, restaurateur, and sole owner of Queen Miami Beach.