The partners will cover three main areas, smart destination development, cybersecurity and IT and will assist The Red Sea Development Company transform travel through technology.

The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) is the developed behind the world’s most ambitious regenerative tourism project. The company has recently awarded a contract to Gartner for the provision of technology procurement advisory services. The company will provide insights and advice on licensing, technology, customisation, service scoping and pricing to serve the ambitious needs of TRSDC and The Red Sea Project itself.

John Pagano, Chief Executive Officer of TRSDC, commented: “Technical innovation underpins every aspect of our vision for The Red Sea Project. From the seamless, personalised service guests will experience when they arrive at our airport, to the 24/7 smart monitoring of the environment, every element will be world class.”

The advisory firm will be vital in providing technology insights that will help TRSDC achieve its ambition to create a bespoke experience for guests ahead of the destination’s opening in 2022. Work is on track across all phases of the project, with Phase One due to be complete in 2023.