Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Renovated Prague Site to Open in June

The Máj department store, whose reconstruction has been running since July 2022, is planning its reopening to the public in June 2024, reports E15.cz.

The modernisation of the cultural monument of the Máj department store in Prague is now in its final phase. The reconstruction for the investor Amadeus RE is being carried out by the construction company Metrostav and is expected to cost approximately CZK 4 bn (€156.77M).

In the new Máj, customers will find a Tesco supermarket, pharmacies, drugstores, cafes, a cosmetics store and a wine store. The third and fourth floors will offer a multifunctional entertainment area with a focus on children over 12 years old, the fifth floor will be dedicated mainly to parents with small children and the sixth floor will serve, among other things, schools and kindergartens and will be devoted to the history of Prague.

Rough construction work is completed on the building and craftsmen are working on the rental shops. There is also a passage with a so-called crystal sky and an escalator hall.

The department store on the corner of Spálená Street and Národní trída, designed by Miroslav Masák, John Eisler and Martin Rajniš from the Liberec studio SIAL, originally opened to customers on 21 April, 1975. In 2006, the Ministry of Culture declared it a cultural monument.