Set to open first in Mirdif is Sumaya’s, a kitchen that aims to blend traditional Emirati cuisine with popular international flavours.

With the rise in demand for delivery-only models, Dubai will see the opening of Sumaya’s, Bang! Bang! Burrito, and Avo/Cato restaurants in the first quarter of the New Year, reveals RSI.

UAE-based restaurant firm Restaurant Secrets Inc is set to launch three new dark kitchen concepts in Dubai during the first quarter of 2022, including Sumaya’s, a modern Emirati fusion brand in Mirdif, and urban eating brand Avorito, which will house both Bang! Bang! Burrito, and Avo/Cato in its JLT-based kitchen.

“As the landscape of how we dine at home and work changes positively, the delivery business is seeing a renaissance in the quality and variety of offerings available,” said Gabrielle F. Mather, CEO & Founder of Restaurant Secrets Inc.

Speaking on the evolution and rise in demand for delivery-only models, Mather added: “We forecast the shift to a four-and-a-half-day work week and emphasis on life/work balance to be a game-changer to how people invest their leisure hours. With more time and disposable income, couples, singles and families will order in more than ever.”