A new mobile app, which allows customers to find and apply coupon codes to online shopping carts has been launched in the UAE.  The web browser app – Helwa – was created by technology and gaming media veterans Hitesh Uchil and Abbas Jaffar Ali.  According to a statement by the company, the app was developed to avoid having to manually search and verify discount codes that work across different websites. 

“We’re just a couple of geeks who found a smart way to save our families some money, we wanted to share that with anyone who would like to save money on their online purchases, and that’s how Helwa came about.” – Hitesh Uchil.

“Helwa is really easy to use, and takes the guesswork out of getting the most savings when shopping online. We’re thrilled to be working with some of the leading regional websites that offer everything from fashion to groceries, and look forward to working with more of them in the future to expand our network of savings,” – Abbas Jaffar Ali.