The ongoing crisis on the British high street is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. The number of people that are set to lose their jobs this year is fast approaching 20,000. The weather isn’t helping the situation, with people opting to stay in the comfort of their house, rather than venture out into the high street.

Diane Wehrle, a director at Springboard, said: “If further proof of the fragility of high streets were needed, it was provided in February when the impact of the severe and ongoing rain led to a drop in footfall of -7.8%. While an average of 17 days of rain across the UK over the month led to shoppers staying away from high streets, shopping centres and retail parks still appealed to many by virtue of either their covered environment or ease of access and proximity of parking.”

She added that while coronavirus did not have a noticeable impact on footfall in February, the month ended before the warning of its increased severity was made. “Moving forward, it is likely that shopper activity will be stemmed as consumers become more wary about interacting in public spaces,” she said.