RoboLand, an innovative new attraction featuring exhibits, shows and robot interactions, has opened on International Drive in Orlando, Florida.

Offering an immersive experience, RoboLand is home to innovative robotic shows, virtual reality (VR) attractions, robotic animals, interactive exhibits and F&B made by robots.

One bot to appear at RoboLand is called Sophia, billed as the world’s most sophisticated humanoid robot. Sophia has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She has also addressed the United Nations.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Sophia has more than 70 facial expressions and can understand, recognise and research. She can also have conversations with visitors.

Another robot to encounter, called Titan, made his debut on Britain’s Got Talent. He has also performed with Rihanna. He can interact with guests and make special announcements.

At RoboLand, guests can also meet Thespian, Yanshee and iPal, all humanoid robots, as well as a robotic fish and robot dog.

Robots are popping up across the attractions industry. Disney has plans to make robots fly using air and water. The company has also filed a patent for a ‘robotic sherpa’, or mobile locker, for theme park guests.

Elsewhere, Dubai’s Museum of the Future has hired its first robotic staff member, named Ameca. She has been joined by a robotic canine, or ‘robodog’, that can be seen roaming the lobby.

In the UK, Blenheim Palace has joined forces with the Oxford Robotics Institute (ORI) and Oxford Biology to test a robot dog monitoring the impact of climate change.