Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Simon Launches Ghost Kitchen Offering

The nation’s largest owner of shopping malls is the latest retail entity to enter the ghost kitchen space.

Simon is introducing “Grab, Go, Eat,” a new collaboration with ghost kitchen start-up Kitchen United. Through the Grab Go Eat platform, customers at select centres operated by Simon can order from multiple restaurants in a single transaction for in-mall pickup or home delivery.

As a result, Simon customers can choose whether food is delivered to their table or any store within the shopping centre, as well as pick up food directly from the restaurant or on-premises food lockers. Customers will be able to order meals from Kitchen United’s kiosks, website or app, and the Grab Go Eat service will take care of the rest.

A ghost kitchen is the foodservice equivalent of a dark store – a location that prepares food for delivery, without providing dine-in service. Although the concept has been around for several years, ghost kitchens are gaining momentum during the Covid-19 pandemic, as more consumers are turning to online delivery or pickup of prepared meals.

“The Grab Go Eat platform with Simon brings a new and cutting-edge dining experience to both consumers, employees and retailers at Simon’s Del Amo Fashion Center and Roosevelt Field,” said Eric Sadi, Co-President, mall platform, Simon. “Giving consumers the flexibility to dine when and where they want, as well as order from multiple restaurants all under one ticket is something that will completely enhance the customer experience at these locations and set the precedent this year.”