The three-day pop-up in London’s Mayfair will introduce a curated selection of UK sustainable brands.

The innovative pop-up will highlight brands and products focusing on sustainability and well-being in a very modern format displayed on digital screens with customers able to order in-store with their mobile phones. It is a showcase to build awareness and provide an opportunity for storytelling of the brands involved in the concept.

”Six and Sons is a platform for sustainable brands a bridge if you will, also known as a physical lifestyle magazine which is designed to be a gateway for brands to enter new markets in a simple, low-risk and a low-cost way, acting as a retail kick-starter, comments Ilona Taillade, co-founder of the Six and Sons.

“With Covid-19, we are living in extraordinary times where people have changed their shopping behaviour, and therefore we are using the space as a media channel to engage with the audience and tell our story as well as that of the brands in a digital format using physical space. Our goal is to showcase mindful brands, and drive interest online, not necessarily use the pop-up to generate sales,” said Ilona Taillade.