The 40 new restaurants will be opened in 2021 and will include more drive thru, collection and delivery options in line with current consumer trends.

The company plans to add to its existing portfolio of 250 global corporate and franchise restaurants by opening an additional 40 locations, with a particular focus on aggressively enhancing their presence in key busy suburban areas of Brooklyn, Chicago, New York and Washington D.C. Unlike their previous locations, which focused on a dine-in model, the new locations are more geared towards the current hospitality climate.

Although these new restaurants were planned before the pandemic, they are perfectly geared to a Covid-19 world. They will offer customer’s contactless ways to collect food including food lockers that will keep orders warm until customers can collect their meals.

Alongside contactless services available in the new stores, the new dine-in experience will also be upgraded and will showcase open kitchens where orders are prepared live in front of customers.