Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Sobeys Opens First ‘Flexstore’ in North America

The Canadian grocer has opened a store in Orangeville, Ontario and it is the first location in North America to feature the ‘Flexstore’ concept from Interstore/Schweitzer.

According to Interstore/Schweitzer, the new ‘Flexstore’ concept allows retailers to change counters and entire departments quickly, easily and without any major construction costs. All of the furniture used inside is flexible and ready to plug in as the result of an elaborate system in which the building services are fed from the ceiling into the counters and furniture.

The ‘Flexstore’ concept would easily allow a pizza counter to be replaced with a salad bar simply by moving and exchanging the counters. Furthermore, alongside the ‘Flexstore’ offering, the store design also brings the new corporate identity of Sobeys to life in the retail space and highlights the product presentation.

Even the lighting concept follows an innovative approach with the entire product line from lighting partner Imoon specially certified for the Canadian market. Various departments are illuminated by specific lighting to create a different atmosphere for each area.