Starbucks opened its first Signing Store in Japan last week, expanding the career opportunities for the new and existing deaf and hard of hearing Starbucks employees.

Located in Kunitachi City, Tokyo, an area with a long history as part of the Deaf and hard of hearing community, the store leverages technology and art to create an immersive experience in sign language and Deaf culture, and becomes the fifth Signing Store for Starbucks globally.

“Starbucks has been hiring Deaf and hard of hearing partners (employees) since we entered Japan in 1996, and these partners have made incredible impacts in their communities. Inspired by their passion, we created this store as a place of belonging, where our partners and customers can stay true to who they are and be inspired. This store truly represents infinite possibilities for all,” said Takafumi Minaguchi, CEO, Starbucks Coffee Japan.

Starbucks Japan 1
Source: Starbucks