Stella McCartney’s flagship store has opened in Qiantan, Shanghai. As part of its continued commitment to sustainable fashion development, the store will utilise organic and sustainable materials in its store design, interior decoration, product selection, and production.

Furthermore, the Shanghai Qiantan flagship store has teamed up with Chinese artists Liu Xiao and Xu Fei to create an immersive and textured space. The store’s design is centred around nature and adopts a modern aesthetic. Stella McCartney’s Autumn 2022 collection is displayed in the store.

The new store takes inspiration from Stella McCartney’s flagship store on Old Bond Street, London, mimicking many of its distinctive elements. As in the London flagship store, the walls of the store are covered in recycled paper and the furniture is made of exclusively recycled wood. All metal links of the wooden decorations in the store are also made of recycled brass. In keeping with their sustainable theme, there is 100 per cent biodegradable wool texture on all floor carpets, and the lighting system is made up of LED lighting.

To distinguish itself, the Shanghai store will include an immersive display space for creative work created by Chinese artists Shaw Liu and Xu Fei.

The store will demonstrate the perfect fusion of timeless design and cutting-edge innovations in sustainable materials. This will provide the perfect environment to feature the brand’s iconic plain leather accessories such as the Falabella bag and the Frayme fan “chain” bag, as well as the Elyse platform shoe.