LuLu Group flies in 53 tonnes of food cargo from India amid coronavirus outbreak. 

With the UAE shutting down commercial flights in and out of the country and shoppers stockpiling goods, hypermarkets operator LuLu Group has chartered more special flights to bring an additional supply of fresh produce into the UAE. 

At least three cargo jets carrying at least 53 tonnes of fruits, vegetables and processed food from India have just arrived in the country. The additional stocks should be enough to last for at least six months. “We have increased our imports to beef up our warehouse stocks, to sustain long-term food requirements,” Nandakumar, Chief Communications Officer of LuLu Group said in a statement. 

Retailers across the UAE, including e-commerce platforms, have recently seen an unprecedented surge in demand for groceries, as consumers are filling up pantries with food and other essentials that could last for longer periods.