The Mexican-inspired fast food chain has opened its first store in Malaysia at Cyberjaya, Selangor.

Spanning two storeys, the newly-opened Taco Bell Malaysia store features the brand’s most modern design, including a rainbow-coloured ceiling and indoor sunroom with high glass panels. The brand has collaborated with local artist, Wilson Ng to create an art mural that illustrates the ‘Live Mas’ tagline which translates to ‘Live More.’

Customers can enjoy a fully-customisable menu which also features signature options such as Crunchy Taco Supreme and Crunchwrap Supreme. The restaurant also offers Malaysian-made sambal for local preference. The outlet is complete with an open kitchen, pick-up cubbies and an exterior delivery pick-up window, giving customers a number of options for dining.

Malaysian franchise operator, Harris Beh said the fast-food chain plans to expand its footprint in the country, particularly focusing on urban areas and intends to offer delivery options for customers in the near future. Taco Bell Tropicana Gardens Mall is set to open soon.