The US brand pays tribute to the golden age of cinema, inspired by the history of the premises, which once served the Astor Cinema.

Extensive renovation work was carried out on the project by Schwitzke Project, who has brought together 50’s cinema charm and modern retail design to present a brand new look. This is the third time that the Dusseldorf-based shop fitting specialist has been commissioned to redesign the flagship store on the iconic Berlin boulevard.

The heart of the store is a popcorn counter with a 50’s inspired look that serves as a cash desk, moreover the former large-screen as well as additional screens and curtains are reminiscent of past theatre times, paying tribute to the building’s cinematic past.

On the upper and lower floors of the store, the former floor was replaced by parquet with stone frieze and the changing area was kept in an expressive red. The entire store boasts the colour spectrum of the US fashion brand – red, white and blue.