Torrid executives have exuded confidence in their customers, plus specialty and runway for growth.

Torrid is sticking unabashedly to its plus specialization, and CEO Liz Muñoz is not worried about competition.

“There are plenty of big girls to go around that are wildly underserved, you know, close to 90 million,” she said. “So I personally welcome other people coming into this space, I think it excites the customer about her possibilities.”Moreover, much of the competition isn’t really new, Muñoz said. 

The company has found that its Curve lingerie line is bringing in new customers, enhancing loyalty and boosting basket size, so it will give the sub-brand its own website next year.

Like other retailers, Torrid is finding some difficulty getting goods into the U.S., and is experiencing delays and higher costs as a result. But the problems appear to be transitory, executives said. It could help that Torrid doesn’t depend on the holiday quarter as much as other retailers do.