Monday, July 15, 2024
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Universal Orlando to Debut Dark Universe

Universal Orlando Resort is set to redefine horror entertainment by unveiling Dark Universe, an immersive land dedicated to legendary monsters, slated to open in 2025 at Universal Epic Universe.

This new addition promises to be a haven for fans of classic horror, blending Universal’s storied history in the genre with cutting-edge attractions and unique visitor experiences.

Dark Universe will transport guests into a shadowy world where iconic monsters like Frankenstein, The Mummy and the Wolf Man come to life. The adventure begins at the entrance through an electrifying portal that harnesses the dark energy of Darkmoor. This energy will reverberate throughout the village, culminating at Frankenstein Manor, the central landmark of Dark Universe.

Visitors can experience a variety of attractions that immerse them in the lore of these timeless creatures. One of the highlights is Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment, a state-of-the-art dark ride situated in the catacombs of Frankenstein Manor. Here, guests will find themselves in Dr. Victoria Frankenstein’s laboratory, witnessing her attempts to control a range of fearsome monsters. When her experiments go awry, visitors must navigate a thrilling escape, encountering monsters like Dracula, The Wolf Man and The Mummy.