Founded in 2006, Starlink is a leading technology distributor and retailer focused on achieving its goal of offering faster, easier and more fulfilled living. For this interview, RLI spoke with CEO Munera Al Dosari to learn more about this evolving company and what plans they have in place for the future.

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Starlink is part of the Ooredoo Group of companies established back in 2006 and whist it began life as a retailer for mobiles and mobile accessories, it has grown in the last 15 years to become not only the fastest-growing retailer in Qatar but one of the largest outsource-managed services provider in multiple fields including IT, installations, maintenance and contact centres.
“The explosion of devices and data that has led to several technological advancements and the rise of the intelligence age will shape our future,” explains Munera Al Dosari, CEO of Starlink. “We are in the midst of an exciting journey to go beyond retail to serve the development of companies at the centre of our rapidly developing nation with Extra-low voltage (ELV), Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and HR Outsourcing (HRO) Solutions tailored to fit their needs.”

Starlink iPhone Event Launch

The key values behind the business have always been to encourage and provide a faster, easier and better living for their customers through technology, and throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, they endeavoured to provide their customers who were locked down at home the same service they would have found in their stores.
Starlink added many new services such as same-day delivery, doorstep repair centre, instalment programs which allowed customers to buy products now and pay for them later and a trade-in program focused on exchanging old phones for store credit to purchase new phones at a reduced cost.
The company currently operates 20 stores throughout Qatar and they are positioned in key locations such as The Pearl – Qatar and Doha Festival City (DFC) as well as well-known area like Aspire which is home to Khalifa Stadium, one of the upcoming FIFA 2022 sites and Al Nasser Street, which is the oldest street in Qatar.
This month will see the launch of their second store at the Qatar Rail, the first Metro Station in Qatar as well as a branch in Ezdan Mall –
Al Wakrah.
In terms of upcoming developments, the focus is on both regional expansion and seamless retail. This expansion will see 20 new retail stores accompanied by e-commerce shopping launch throughout Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. As for seamless retail, the idea behind this is to offer customers the flexibility to shop Starlink products through the platform they feel most comfortable with as well as be able to click-and-collect, see in-store availabilities and always be able to find the product they want.

Starlink Retail Inside

“For example, if a guest went to a store and they had run out of devices in a particular section – we’ll be able to accommodate the customers from wherever they are in the region with the device from any of our stores (digital or physical) anywhere in the region,” explains Al Dosari.
To maintain this position they have built-in Qatar, Starlink are always looking for better and different ways to cater to customer needs and wants, whether that is by implementing their trade-in services or by offering instalment programs, their slogan of “Your Link to Technology” means they promise their customers to bridge the gap between current and newer models of devices, gaming machinery and smart homes.
“We focus on customer experiences by delivering the best quality and value offerings, coupled with our consistency of putting the customer first and providing great sales and after-sales services – this has provided trust to our customers that we value their tech needs,” says Al Dosari.

Starlink Kiosk inside Mall

Social media is a platform the business uses frequently to reach out to their consumers with relevant content. They engage their followers with a variety of content including photos, videos and reels to build brand awareness. Social media has become imperative to their digital strategy to convey a sense of trustworthiness, knowledge and approachability.
Al Dosari feels exploration and discovery are at the heart of the company, whether it is using smart home technology or putting on a virtual reality headset, Starlink helps people solve their tech problems and provide a safe environment for customers to learn about new
technology offerings.
When considering the key drivers behind the success of the company, Al Dosari takes a moment to mention the previous CEO Noor Al Sulaiti and how it was her work in building a company and a team that has passion, experience and are able to innovate with the latest technology to bring a new way of living to people’s doorsteps that has grown the company to where it is today and enjoyed the success that it has.
“Both myself and Al Sulaiti are motivated to always look for the better, the easier to simplify a seemingly chaotic lifestyle and we continue to look forward to keeping up with new changes in the industry and informing our customers as we look to the future,” concludes Al Dosari.

*Global RLI Awards 2021 Finalist