Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Wakefern Pilots Cashierless Store

Employees of the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the US are the first to try its new autonomous supermarket model.

No human associates work at the 500sq ft store location, which stocks 600 SKUs across product categories including fresh sandwiches, prepared foods, over-the-counter medicine, pre-packaged deli meat, refrigerated items, and hygiene & toiletries.

“With Trigo’s frictionless technology, Wakefern Food Corp. is opening up access to cutting-edge innovation for our members,” said Charlie McWeeney, VP of Technology, Innovation, & Strategy, Wakefern Food Corp. “We are excited to pilot Trigo’s solution and offer our consumers the ultimate in checkout convenience.”

“Trigo is proud to work with some of the largest grocery retailers around the world, so partnering with Wakefern Food Corp., was a natural step for the company,” said Michael Gabay, Trigo Co-Founder and CEO. “By helping Wakefern convert some store formats, or develop new ones that are exclusive to their brands, we can help them accelerate their growth within the market and pave the way for frictionless shopping in the future.”