At 89 per cent more energy efficient than the typical UK hotel, room2 Chiswick will set a new benchmark for the $570bn global hospitality industry.

The product aligns increasing consumer and investment interest in environmentalism and sustainable development, with a particular focus on reducing the greatest contributor to climate change, carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. The guest experience is unaffected by the ultra-low energy standard, with the building’s interior design being inspired by the arts and crafts movement around Chiswick.

Via on site renewables, the building will convert 100 per cent of its energy needs for heating, cooling and hot water. It’s proprietary intelligent building and reporting system seeks to improve performance across the sum of incremental gains. Two ‘lab rooms’ provide data on energy, water use and air quality, along with studying and learning from guest behaviours patterns.

Other initiatives include: occupancy enabled lighting, heating and cooling systems; a ‘blue’ roof; a ‘green’ roof; a zero waster to landfill policy and a water purification system that uses low heat technology. Furthermore, the hotel is piloting a recycled li-ion battery cell M-BRIC technology and all unavoidable emissions are balance through verified nature-based carbon removal offsets.

“Opening the world’s first whole life net zero carbon hotel follows over two years of planning and the meticulous creation of a new room2 whole life net zero building framework to incorporate the very latest thinking in design, construction and operation,” said Robert Godwin, Managing Director at Lamington Group and room2.