Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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World’s largest LEGO store opens at Dubai International Airport

Located in Terminal 3 at the B Gates, the store spans 190 square meters, constructed to look like giant LEGO bricks

The world’s largest LEGO store has officially opened at Dubai International Airport (DXB) by Lagardère Travel Retail in partnership with LEGO.

Located in Terminal 3, B Gates, the store spans 190 square meters, constructed to look like giant LEGO bricks.

The store features several interactive zones and spaces for customers.

Additionally, the store features Digibox, an Augmented Reality (AR) experience that showcases LEGO sets in a real-life scenario. The initiative intends to highlight the brand’s commitment for engagement and education.

Vadim Motlik, Lagardère Travel Retail UAE, CEO said: “We are thrilled to officially open this extraordinary LEGO store at DXB. Through our strategic partnership with LEGO Travel Retail, we have been able to introduce a new immersive encounter for travellers, further underscoring our commitment to continually elevating the airport experience. This new store delivers an exceptional phygital experience through seamlessly integrating innovation, play, and technology.

“Our aim was to create a place that was more than just a destination to shop the latest LEGO sets, but also a space that brings enjoyment and creativity to travellers. We have recruited a dedicated team of passionate LEGO enthusiasts and creators to support in bringing this vision to life and create memorable experiences for passengers at DXB.”

Eugene Barry, Executive Vice President of Commercial at Dubai Airports said: “The opening of the world’s largest airport LEGO store here at Dubai International (DXB) introduces an exciting new retail space which in itself is a wonderful destination. This collaboration between Lagardère Travel Retail and LEGO Travel Retail underscores Dubai Airports commitment to enhancing the airport experience for our guests and reflects a direction of boldly meeting changing consumer expectations, through creative partnerships and experiences.”

The store houses installations by the LEGO team including the Dubai skyline made up of 33,219 bricks alongside a 3D LEGO pilot standing at 190cm, among others.

Annette Rosendahl, Head of Travel Retail, LEGO Travel Retail Development said: “We are excited to welcome the new LEGO store in Dubai International (DXB) and congratulate our partner Lagardère Travel Retail with the official opening. This store is the biggest LEGO airport store that we have ever opened and is a perfect match for the important strategic airport location in the region.

“Our mission is to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow, and this unique LEGO store offers an immersive brand experience that allows all passengers in DXB to engage with our brand, spark creativity and imagination, and create fun and memorable experiences.”