Dubai-based 15-minute grocery delivery service YallaMarket reveals that the company’s average check has grown by 33 per cent since the first quarter of 2022.

To attract new customers YallaMarket is shifting from a discount strategy to focus on increasing the value of the customer’s basket and achieving a more sustainable business model.

In terms of consumer preferences, YallaMarket has detected two tendencies: Dubai residents tend to order more healthy & organic food, but cold beverages remain the most popular choice. According to the company data, soft drinks, chocolate and vegetables take the lead as the most preferred product categories that customers order online via the app.

Beverages outsold other popular grocery items, such as water, milk, dairy, vegetables, and fruits — the demand has doubled compared to the first quarter of 2022. People preferred ordering soft and energy drinks during the afternoon to cheer up a little.

Chocolate and sweets are on the heels of beverages as the best-selling category — demand for the category increased by a third. Chocolate bars and cream biscuits are the perfect bite to eat with a hot cup of coffee at the workplace.